Imagine change …

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On the return flight from Scottsdale, Arizona last week, I sat between two women. On my right, an acclaimed film maker, and on the left, a nationally recognized figure skater preparing for the Canadian Nationals, and hopefully, the upcoming Olympics.

You would think we would have little to talk about, but we did. And talk we did. The entire 3 hour flight we shared personal stories, a little philosophy, and family histories. It turned out the skater knows my cousin, and had a photo to prove it. And, the film maker produced some of my grandson’s favourite animated movies.

These women had a profound effect upon me. I was impressed with each of their accomplishments but one discussion will have a lasting effect. The filmmaker told me she never makes new year’s resolutions any longer. She used to, but was always disappointed when she failed to meet her goals. Instead, each year she carefully selects a single word, sometimes a short phrase, that best describes the things she wants to accomplish in the coming year. A mantra. Something to keep her focused in spite of the occasional failure. I liked this idea and pledged to give it a try.

As we were departing the aircraft, the figure skater put her red Canadian National team jacket on and I noticed the words “Imagine. Change.” embroidered on the right shoulder. Imagine. Change. These words described exactly what I had been thinking the past week while vacationing in Scottsdale. The types of changes I want to make. How I train. Where I train. What I eat. Where I live. I may not accomplish all of these things, but by Imagining Change throughout the year, I hope to remain focused on the positive changes to my life I want to make.

So, instead of spelling out in detail the changes I have in mind, I am simply going to keep these words in mind each and every day of the year. My goal for the year is to become a stronger, faster, and more complete cyclist.

I’m simply going to¬†imagine the change(s) I need to make.

4 thoughts on “Imagine change …

  1. What a cool entry. I don’t think I have ever sat next to anyone interesting on a plane (and I’m sure my neighbors feel the same.) What a great lesson to come away with.

    Thanks for sharing.

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