The perfect ride πŸ€”


I visited North Scottsdale, Arizona last week on personal business, and took my road bike.

I know Arizona as a “Snowbird” destination, a place where Canadian retirees escape the cold, winter months. I never thought of it as a cycling destination. Wow! Was I wrong. I rode most mornings, and completed over 250 km during the week.

The experience got me thinking. What is the perfect road ride? What things make my rides more enjoyable? More memorable? Everyone experiences a ride differently, but for me, these are the things that make the difference.

First, I like warm weather. Yes, I ride all year long, including the cold, wet, west coast winters. But I much prefer warmer weather when all I need is a light jersey, ample sun screen, and sun glasses. Like in North Scottsdale.

Second, I like to roll out the back door, and have several routes of varying terrain available to me.Β Like in North Scottsdale.

Third, I like climbing, and descending. A good route includes some climbs, some descents, and some flats. Like in North Scottsdale.

Fourth, I like quiet, safe roads to ride. Safe may mean little, if any, traffic. Or, it may mean wide, clean shoulders at the side of the road. Like in North Scottsdale.

And lastly, I like scenic rides, something to look at while I train. It helps pass the time, and keeps me focused. Like in North Scottsdale.

Yes, North Scottsdale is a cyclists dream. Warm. Safe. Challenging. And very scenic. North Scottsdale is a cycling destination. I’m already planning a longer return visit this winter.

9 thoughts on “The perfect ride πŸ€”

  1. Sounds brilliant,just the antidote for a cold wet Canadian winter….wish there was somewhere similar over here in the cold wet winter of the U.K.
    Our last few weeks have seen temps hovering around zero,with the road cyclists ice .
    My shorts sure won’t see the light of day for a few months yet.

  2. We are getting lots of snow and winter here in Ontario, Canada and my bike is now hanging from the rafters.
    I’m sure you are glad you took your bike down to Scottsdale. What a nice reprieve from winter. The roads really do look quiet. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Carl. I see you are from Ontario. I’m originally from Toronto but moved to Vancouver to get away from the snow. Scottsdale was a surprise. It is a very bike-friendly place – good roads, wide shoulders, little traffic, and challenging routes.

      • As a cyclist I could definitely see why you made the move to Vancouver. I race in long distance trail running events, but use cycling a LOT in my cross training and find it extremely beneficial and enjoyable. Miss my bike these days. Everything you describe about Scottsdale is a cyclist’s dream.
        My area of Ontario is not very bike-friendly, and many fellow cyclists describe them as “death traps”. But every road construction completed with a paved shoulder means more people are pulling their dusty bikes out of the garage. Meaning less cars on the road and less congestion and gridlock. Bike-friendly places like Scottsdale can teach us so much. πŸ™‚

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