2 thoughts on “The PERFECT pre-ride meal …

  1. Mine are:
    Less than 3-hour ride: Oatmeal with bananas and raisins
    More than 3-hour ride: Pancakes with maple syrup, strawberries and blueberries.

    I try to avoid caffeine before a ride. It makes me need to stop to pee to soon into the start and more frequently than I prefer to. Being out on a bike wakes me up all on its own. I do start to get bored and lose energy and enthusiasm when I do the six-hour rides. A caffeinated gel might help that. But what REALLY helps keep me enthused for the really long rides is having a cycling buddy with me.

    • Mine too (oatmeal, banana, and raisins) but must admit I need a coffee. For longer rides, I make my own gels – dates, raisins, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt – and make certain I stay hydrated.

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