Well, I did it !!!


I haven’t posted in almost 2 months.

I was focused on training for the 2017 Whistler GranFondo, and didn’t want to turn the site into a fitness blog. If you have been following, you know that I crashed at high speed during the race last year, and was unable to finish. It was a huge disappointment but spurred me on to train harder this year, and ride even more.

The Whistler GranFondo is scenic, challenging, and empowering. It’s a 122 km ride from Vancouver to Whistler along the Sea-to-Sky highway with over 1,900 meters of climbing, and long, fast descents. I questioned whether I could even complete the ride, let alone post a reasonable time.

Well, I did!

Even in the unseasonable cold, wet weather. And now that I have done it, I want to do it again next year.

This has been a 2 year endeavour. Two years of training in the gym, and on the road. I have learned a lot about how to train effectively, and about myself. I’m not a novice cyclist. I have been riding for regularly for 4 decades. Maybe longer. But at 70 years of age, I questioned whether I could complete such a demanding race.

Well, I did!

And now, I need another challenge. Something more challenging. I’d like to complete several century rides (again), and do more touring.

Maybe a trip back to the cottage 🤔

It’s a 4,500 km ride across the Rocky Mountains and windy prairies that would take me across Canada and into parts of the US 🤔

10 thoughts on “Well, I did it !!!

  1. Started to think you’d hung up your bikes..far from it though.
    Great effort to complete the Gran fondo, 6000ft of climbing takes some doing at any age, I’m 2yrs your junior and would find it tough to find the motivation for such a challenge.
    You’ve got me thinking maybe I need to find a goal to aim for.
    Well done again👍

    • Thanks Paul. I find setting goals a big help. Otherwise, I have no focus or motivation. That’s the reason I have already begun thinking about what is next. Age does not have to be a limiter.

  2. There are cyclists on here older than I???? Great job! I think riding across the continent would be a great addition to your bucket list; it’s on mine!

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