Packed … 😞

Well, I’m packed.

It’s a bitter sweet moment. I’m sad to leave, yet pleased to go home.

I have been at the cottage for 2 1/2 months, mostly on my own, without TV or internet. Few would think this would be much of a holiday. No amenities. A lot of cycling. 200-250 km a week. A lot of reading. 10 eBooks – biographies, historical and mystery novels. And, simple, wholesome meals.

Time alone helps me focus. I train better. I’m more sensitive to what needs the most attention. Cycling is different in these parts. The terrain is flatter but there is a relentless north-westerly wind almost every day. I ride on the drops mostly, and stay on the small ring when fighting a headwind. I eat better. I prepare simple vegetarian meals – vegetable wraps, frittatas, salads, sandwiches. No desserts. No sweets. And, I sleep better. To bed at dusk and at sunrise. This is the recipe for successful training, and why I have begun to refer to the cottage as Camp PedalWORKS.

On the side of my bike travel case, I have an oval sticker of a cyclist heading down a windy road. What do you think? Would this make a good tattoo? And, if so, where would you put it? On the forearm where it can be readily seen and enjoyed? On the back of the calve so those in hot pursuit know you will not be easily passed?

What are your thoughts?

I’m serious about this. I figure it’s about time. While I was packing my bike this afternoon I began looking more carefully at this sticker, and thought, it is me. It is how I enjoy cycling most. Alone on quiet, rural roads. It would make the perfect tattoo for a cycling enthusiast like me.

How appropriate! The perfect tattoo 😏


5 thoughts on “Packed … 😞

  1. I like the picture and think it would make an excellent tattoo. However, I really can’t advise on placement. I guess you should consider who you want to see it. How often do you want to see it?

  2. Liking the problem with tattoos is obviously they are permanent.
    I’d go for a semi permanent trial transfer first to make sure you really like it.

      • I have the ‘Ohm’ sing which is most visible, it is on my wrist. I am happy with it although now I would have like another design of the Ohm sign itself. So, yes, I am not feeling regrets and I can always hide it if I want. As for you, well, maybe I was just motherly/sisterly when I said ‘no’. In any case I would only choose a tattoo you can hide and choose it solely for yourself. As you have been thinking over it for many years, I think (today, I think differently), you should do it : ))))

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