Camp PedalWORKS … 🤔


When I was a young boy, before mom and dad purchased their own place, we spent numerous summer weekends at my uncles cottage on Balsam Lake. I swam, fished, fetched water at the community water pump, and walked the forested lakeside roads careful to avoid any poison ivy. I had fun but was always alone. I have no siblings, and there were no other children my age staying at the nearby cottages. I often sat on the dock peering at the children’s camp across the lake, watching them play, swim, learn to canoe and sail, and sing songs every night in front of a large bonfire. I always wanted to go to camp, but never did.

I still spend a lot of time alone. As an only child you quickly learn to amuse yourself. I never get bored, or have enough time in the day to do all I want. I spend a lot of time at the cottage alone. I prefer it. There is always something to do. Swim. Kayak. Fish. Read. And cycle of course. I love the quiet, scenic, rural roads.

I think of my time at the cottage as a training camp. When I am here, I am usually training for an upcoming cycling event. And, because I have no distractions, I can focus on training. I cycle a lot. Eat better. Simple, wholesome meals. Eat less, usually losing 10 pounds when I am here. And, I sleep better. All of the activity, and the fresh air tires me out, making me rise and fall with the sun.

I have been doing this for a decade now, so often in fact, that I have begun to call the place Camp PedalWORKS. I am going to have a sign made, mount it on an old painted bicycle, and place it at the entrance by the road. That way people can find me more easily. Next season I’m going to organize weekly rides for other road cyclists in the area interested in training for one of the local century rides.

We will begin and end every ride at Camp PedalWORKS followed with a cold beer and swim 😂

Do you want to sign up?

4 thoughts on “Camp PedalWORKS … 🤔

  1. That’s a slightly sad childhood tale,but my wife to is an only child and she to doesnt mind being on her own and has consequently always been very independent
    Myself being adopted at aged 3 and with 2 elder siblings I never got on with,led to me having a fairly lonely early childhood,but l easily make new friends and from what I remember had a great childhood,a gang of us out fishing and camping in the local woods from dawn til dusk,looking back they were the best times of my life,
    Maybe now ,the pleasure of exploring quite country back lanes on the bike is a throwback to those fond childhood memories 😊
    Camp pedal works sounds a great idea for us aging children.. If I wasn’t thousands of miles away I’d definitely sign up👍

    • I couldn’t agree more. Cycling gives me a wonderful sense of freedom. I can go where I want, when I want. No traffic. It is a throwback to those wonderful childhood days when everything was play.

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