No bike should look like this … 🤔


No bike should look like this.

This bike looks like it is ignored. Like no-one cares.

Well, it’s not. It’s my good carbon bike. I simply can’t keep it clean for very long. Every ride it gets like this. There is so much dirt and moisture on the roads, it looks like this every time, no matter how frequently I wash it.

You have to understand. This is not me. Not my bike. I am fastidious about keeping all of the bikes spotless, and in good working order. I wash and tune them, even when they don’t need it. Some say I’m obsessed. I can’t help it. I like to look at, and ride, a clean, well tuned bike.

My road bikes don’t usually see wet weather. They stay inside where it is dry, and warm unless the weather is sunny, and dry. Here at the cottage, I have no choice. I just have the one bike. My good carbon bike. So, I either sit inside, or get it dirty. I choose to ride, and deal with the dirt and grime afterward.

In fact, I have become less fastidious. Less obsessive. I don’t always wash it after every ride. I know it will only get dirty tomorrow. So, I only wash it a few times a week, usually waiting for a hot, sunny afternoon when I can put my bathing suit on, and luxuriate in the sun at the same time. At first, I felt guilty. No bike deserves to rest dirty. But then I realized it didn’t really matter. A little dirt isn’t going to hurt for a day, maybe two. If the dirt affected braking or gearing, I would certainly clean it. But otherwise, I relax.

What’s happening?

Am I becoming less obsessive? Am I relaxing a little? Is this what cottage time does?

OMG. What’s next 😂

15 thoughts on “No bike should look like this … 🤔

  1. Sounds like a slippery slope to me. I am reading between the lines and hearing that this is killing you…that you lie awake at night, convinced you can actually hear the actual rust forming on your drive train…am I right?

  2. I clean my bike after every ride,it’s just something I’ve always done and TBH I enjoy doing it and it can sometimes show up a fault I might not have otherwise noticed til out on a ride.
    Don’t leave it, can be the start of a downward spiral😉
    After my unusually wet ride last week I removed cleaned and regreased all the bearings..BB,headset and wheels,also removed the wheel rim tape to dry out the spoke nipples to stop the threads rusting..the rear rim had quite a bit of water ingress,presumably through the valve.

    Am I obsessive .🤓

    • You are worse than me. Now you have me worried. I don’t have to tools here to repackage the bearings, but you are right. After this month they probably need attention. I’ll do that when I get home. I plan to ride the bike in a major century in September.

  3. If your going to be spending 3 months a year at the cottage and riding lots of miles it might be worth investing in a basic tool kit and bike stand to keep there,especially using your best bike.
    Better safe than sorry😉
    With the tools it doesn’t actually take that long to relube the bearings,and I enjoy the maintenance almost as much as riding,but I’m lucky enough to have the time.
    I would only strip the bike down after riding through 3-4ins of standing water,which isn’t often.
    Ok I admit it I’m an obsessive 😄

    • I’m a lot like you. At home, I have converted my garage into a bike workshop that includes a bench, bike stand, a full compliment of tool (Park and Filzer) organized on the wall, and space to hang 7 bikes. When I travel, I carry tools to properly clean and lubricate the drive chain, to adjust cable tension on the brakes and derailleurs, a torque wrench to tighten stems, handlebars and seat post, and a good pump. About the only thing I don’t bring are cone wrenches and BB tools. But you are right. Now that I am spending much more time here and cycling more, I need a similar setup here. Next year 😀

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