This is all you need … ☺️


This is all you need.

All the exercise equipment you need (not including a stable of road bikes) to get into, and stay in top shape. Exercise balls, free weights, kettle bells, stretch bands, and a spinning bike located in a clean room with generous light, and fresh air.

Today was a strengthening day. This time of the year, I spend 1 day a week strengthening and stretching my legs and core, the principle cycling muscles. 75-90 minutes doing squats, lunges, hamstring curls, calve raises, sit ups, windshield wipers, leg raises, and a variety of planks. I do 3 sets of a circuit alternating between leg and core exercises with each set increasing either the number of repetitions, resistance, or both. Before starting the circuit, I warm up on the spinning bike in a low gear at a high cadence working in several single-leg segments, and standing sprints. And at the end, I spend 15-20 minutes stretching, holding each stretch for approximately 60 seconds.

This workout is cycling specific working the legs and core. I do have a gym available but I don’t need it. All of these exercises can be done using my body weight, doing additional repetitions. So, I can take this workout with me wherever I go. Once a week is sufficient if I am cycling the other days.

Many of the cyclists I know don’t do strengthening exercises, or stretch. They prefer to simply cycle figuring the more they cycle the stronger, and faster they will become. This is true to a point, particularly if they can spend 5-6 hours a day cycling. However, if you only have 10-15 hours a week to train, then strengthening and stretching workouts accelerate the training effect, and minimize the possibility of injury.

To me, weekly gym workouts are just as important as rest days.

What do you think 🤔


4 thoughts on “This is all you need … ☺️

  1. I think that you’re correct. I have neglected stretching after a ride and have strained my achilles playing cricket. As a result I have been off the bike since mid May during the best riding summer weather so far and struggling to accelerate when playing cricket for fear of rupturing the damned thing!

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