Some new stuff … 😂


Finally, I’m back on the bikes. The cold, wet, and icy conditions have kept them, and me,  indoors.

Spring has arrived, the weather has improved, and I have some new stuff. Stuff that makes my rides more enjoyable – warmer, clearer, and more focused.

  • Oakley Cycling Sunglasses. The sunglasses were a birthday present from my daughter meant for the Whistler Gran Fondo last year. Since then, I have had few opportunities to wear them. These glasses are so comfortable I don’t feel them on. And, since they are vented on the top of the lens, they never fog up like my other glasses. These glasses look fast, even when standing still. Here are several features.
    • Nylon frame is light and highly stress resistant.
    • Oakley XYZ optics ensure distortion-free viewing from all angles.
    • 3-point fit to ensure precise optical alignment.
    • Rubber inserts on the temples and at the nose pads keep them in place.
    • Black lens provides 10% visible light transmission.
    • Prizm Road lens offers an excellent blend of sharp contrast and decreased light transmission.

These sunglasses are remarkable, reducing brightness, and increasing contrast at the same time.

  • VDO M6 Cycling Computer. I had to replace my cycling computer following the crash last fall. My son suggested I have a look at the VDO M6. He said it has all of the features I complained I didn’t have. He was right. Here is a feature list for the device.
    • Altimeter tracks current and maximum altitude, current, maximum and average gradient, gain and loss, annual altitude difference, and more.
    • Current, average and maximum speed.
    • Ride time.
    • Ride distance, total distance, and roadbook distance functions.
    • 12/24 hr. clock.
    • Current temperature.
    • Stopwatch and timer functions.
    • Integrated data memory holds the data from 10 trips.
    • Optional HRM adds current, average and maximum heart rate, zone graphics, calorie consumption, and heart rate % of personal heart rate max.
    • Optional cadence sensor adds current, average and maximum cadence.

I’ve highlighted the ones that are new to me. Having an altimeter is a bonus. Knowing the grade of the local climbs helps me plan workout routes better. And, the ride-time display has been helpful, enabling me to carefully time when to drink and eat. Previously, I ate and drank when I felt like it, which in most cases was not frequently enough. Now when I ride, I sip on water every 15-20 minutes, and eat something every 45-60 minutes.

  • Embrocating Balm – the Gentleman’s Blend is a mild embrocating balm for cool spring mornings and warm summer days providing just a hint of wamth. Some, like me, even use this in the summer, as the heat is tolerable regardless of the ambient temperature. Texas White Cedar and Spanish Rosemary, make this a remarkably rustic and earthy embrocation.
    • Rercommended for 2 to 20°C.
    • Formula contains no preservatives, petroleum, perfumes or animal ingredients.
    • Not quite vegan (contains beeswax).

This balm helps. I have a sore right knee, the result of a torn meniscus, and a minor  arthritic hip. The balm warms these joints before I begin cycling, and keeps them that way while I’m out on the road.

Do you have new stuff for the cycling season 🤔

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