Is there a safer colour … 🤔


Since my high-speed crash, I have been thinking a lot about cycling safety – the confidence fostered by dedicated bike paths, separated bike lanes, traffic-calmed streets, and, the increased visibility of florescent, reflective clothing popular these days.

I walked to the gym for a spinning workout yesterday. Without much thought, I placed my new runners and cycling shoes beside one another as I was packing up. They both feature florescent yellow-green markings.

Why is that? What is there about this colour?

Well, it has been proven to be the most noticeable colour, standing out from all backgrounds, and thereby making it safer for cyclists (and runners) to share the road with motorists. In that moment, I realized I frequently wear the most dangerous kit colours of all. Black. Black shoes, tights, bibs, jerseys, and jackets. I do wear some colour but no florescent yellow-green. None.

So, I had a quick look on-line at one of my favourite cycling apparel shops. Guess what? They feature numerous jackets, and jerseys that are florescent yellow-green.

Is it time for a new cycling kit 🤔

You guessed it.

I purchased a florescent long-sleeve, cycling jersey, and wind jacket. If nothing else, I am going to be seen on the road this spring.



9 thoughts on “Is there a safer colour … 🤔

  1. I bought fluorescent green covers for my shoes. I realized that I really noticed them when other cyclists wore them, even in the murkiest weather. I’ve also had a fluorescent green wind breaker for cycling for a few years. I don’t yet have any fluorescent summer cycling clothes. But you’re right. It’s really important to be seen. I’ll look for something soon.

    • You are a step ahead of me Nadia.

      I don’t have summer cycling clothes with this colour either. In a few weeks, when the weather warms, it will be time to change that too.

  2. I once remarked that a fellow club cyclist had a rather bright pink Jersey. When he mentioned that he felt being seen was safer than some of the other fashion choices. I shut up quickly…..because he had a very good point.
    My next pair of cycling shoes and Jersey are going to be very visible.

  3. Ever since being knocked off my bike a few years ago I always wear hi viz gear,jackets for winter and hi viz Gillets when the weather gets warmer.
    I even use front and rear flashing daytime lights as well. It’s surprising how when car driving a flashing light can be seen well before you see the cyclist.
    Only downside is the odd person shouting “you know your lights are on mate! “😀

    • Good point Paul. It’s important to ride with flashing lights, even in the daytime. I do with my commuter but not always with the road bikes. It’s time I did. Thanks for the reminder.

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