The benefits of going it alone …🤔



I enjoy going to the movies.

It is a rich, sensory experience. There are no distractions. No phones ringing. No dishes, or clothes, to wash. No conversation. No light. And, better sound.

Recently, I began going alone. And, I like it 😀 Really like it. No-one ever wanted to see the same movie, or go at the same time. So, I didn’t go often, if at all. You see, going to the movies was always a social event. A family outing, or a date in years past. And there was always conflict, or compromise, deciding on what movie to see, when to go, how to get there, what to do afterward, if anything, and worrying what others thought.

So, I began going by myself. I thought, why should I deprive myself of something I enjoy so much? I can see the movies that interest me, and go when I want. In fact, I learned there is another benefit. On Tuesday admission is discounted, and seniors like me, get a further reduction. Perfect 😀And, there are matinee showings. A good time for me. I can get a workout in during morning, walk (or cycle) to the theatre, and still be home in time for dinner.

In recent weeks, I saw Manchester by the Sea with Casey Affleck, and La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, both nominated for Oscars this year. Both are deserving. My pick for Best Picture is La La Land, and Actor in a Leading Role, Casey Affleck. Sunday we’ll see if the Academy agrees 😂I have never been good at these predictions.

I never considered going to the movies alone. Now that I have done it, I don’t know why I waited 🤔 Now, I look forward to it. I spend several weeks beforehand carefully choosing the next movie, and plan a day around the showing that includes a ride, lunch out, some shopping, and an enjoyable walk.

Movie going alone is like a solo ride. I can go whenever, and wherever I please. And, keep whatever pace I want. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy group rides. And, I can enjoy company at the movies. But it is a different experience. Finding the right group to ride with is not always easy. Some are too fast. Others, too slow. Finding the right one is a never ending challenge. So too is sharing a movie with someone. We each have different sensibilities. Different levels of understanding. Different interests.

The more I cycle, the more I enjoy training alone. This was not always the case. I used to need others for motivation. Not so much now. I know, how, when, and where to train for the goals I set. Each ride is an adventure. Likewise, the more I watch movies, the more I know what I like, and dislike. What actors and directors I prefer. And, what cinematic techniques I enjoy. It’s easier now to select a movie without being disappointed.

We arrive and depart this world alone. Being alone energizes me. Grounds me. This is where I find solace. This is where I discover myself. We all need time alone to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Right 🤔

6 thoughts on “The benefits of going it alone …🤔

  1. True. Being alone seems to be a bit of a social taboo, but I always think that if you can be happy in your own company then you make a much better companion to others. As with so many things the key is getting a good balance in my humble opinion.

  2. I’ve been doing that for years. Even when my family would go to the cinema together, we’d all choose the move we wanted to see individually and meet afterwards. I’ve learned to enjoy my own company whether riding, running, swimming, gymming, or eating out and going to the movies. I’ve done so much solo traveling that doing stuff on my own comes almost naturally and vice versa. And as you say, it doesn’t mean we don’t love doing stuff with others too. It just means we actually have the choice!

  3. Quite interesting. So suddenly I’m not the odd-man-out. Great to know you also enjoy going alone to the movies. I used to do that quite often and I believe this experience has made me a better movie-watcher. I also am quite particular about the movie I’m planning to watch. Sometimes I have even checked if I could read the summary of the storyline. Don’t know if that sounds crazy, but I wanted to see how that storyline is being narrated, or how well the film is executed. As for rides I enjoy the road the best when I’m riding alone. Cheers!

  4. Going out into the mountains alone for an overnight is a real buzz. Just a bivvy bag, sleeping bag and minimal food. Though one time under the stars just beneath the snowline I could hear the deer snuffling around and was concerned I would be trodden on, but still managed to sleep. I am part of a community cinema group, Pix in the Stix. So, a completely different vibe to solo viewing, setting up, projecting, introducing, choosing & working (And discussing) along with others. It is very rewarding as well.

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