First road ride in a month😀


Today was sunny, and warm (7 degrees Celsius).

Perfect for a road ride.

Because of the cold, icy weather we have been experiencing, I have not been on a bike in over a month. I had almost forgotten how good it feels.

I didn’t go far, or long – a thirty kilometre ride around the road in the park. This is one of my favourite rides. It includes 2 lengthy climbs with an average 5-6 % grade, a long, fast descent, and some flats. I didn’t work too hard. I had already done a workout in the gym including 50 minutes on the spinning bike.

Being in the gym for so long, I had forgotten several things. First, I had forgotten how much a headwind can affect a ride. There is no wind in the gym. As luck would have it, I had a strong one going out that slowed me more than I remembered. Second, I had forgotten how road bumps tire and bruise a tender, unsuspecting bottom. As much as I enjoyed the ride, my arse is sore tonight 🤕 And lastly, I had forgotten all the bike handling skills necessary to successfully avoid potholes, negotiate pedestrian and automobile traffic, and preferred aerodynamic body positioning for efficient descending.

You got it, I need more saddle time 🚴🏼 Fortunately, the weather forecast is improving. More sun and warmer temperatures than I’ve seen in months. During the next 4-6 weeks, I’ll make the transition back to the road, and out of the gym.

I need to if I’m going to be ready for the first century ride of the season, the 2017 Pacific Populaire.


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