iPhriday – wraps with imagination …

I like being alone at the cottage.

The days are similar, each blending into the next. I get up, have breakfast, ride, prepare a recovery drink, make lunch, work around the cottage, make dinner, and then read a “who-done-it” until I fall asleep. I rise and fall with the sun. Much of the day is centred around food – buying and preparing it. This is something I’m not allowed to do at home. I’m told, that’s not my job. But when I’m alone, it is an integral, and enjoyable, part of every day.

This trip, I made a lot of wraps with a variety of ingredients. Rice. Lentils. Beans. Sweet potato. Tomato. Cucumber. Lettuce. Spinach. Tofu. Scrambled eggs. I would cook a pot of rice, keep it in the refrigerator ready for my post-ride meal, and add whatever ingredients I had on hand. It was quick, easy, and nourishing. My favourite, as it turns out, is a combination of rice, lentils, sweet potato, scrambled egg, tomato, and baby spinach.

These photographs were taken with my iPhone 5C, and have not been edited in any way. I’m joining Lisa from GrayDaysAndCoffee to share smartphone photos each Friday. Please join us and share your favourite photographs.

6 thoughts on “iPhriday – wraps with imagination …

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  2. Beautiful and yummy 🙂
    So is it that in your typical everyday life, you do not need to cook? I think you should give it a try once a while. Delicacies like these (pictured in this blog) shouldn’t be missed for long! 🙂

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