A well dressed bike …

I pay a lot of attention to other bikes on the road.

Serious road cyclists are particular about their bikes. Some might say obsessed. I didn’t used to think this way but I’m not ashamed to call myself a cyclist. I take care of my bikes. I enjoy riding a clean, lubricated, and finely tuned machine.

It seems, I’m not the only one. Serious cyclists care for their bikes with a passion. There are 3 things that differentiate them; 3 things that I notice immediately when I’m on the road; and, 3 telltale signs.

  1. A clean and well lubricated drive train.
  2. Tire logos centred over the tire’s valve stem.
  3. Quick release levers aligned with forks and seat stays.

Are you a serious road cyclist?

I may say this tongue-in-cheek but when my bikes are finely tuned, I cycle better.

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