Parking lot full …


Yesterday, I completed a 90 km training ride in preparation for the Pacific Popular next weekend. Afterward, I headed to the club for a steam, shave and shower. When I arrived about 4 pm the parking lot was full. There were no spots left to lock my bike. I have never seen this before. I bike to the club most days, and usually have my pick of spots. This is a good sign. Now the parking lot for cars is larger, much larger, BUT, and this is a big but, more members are cycling!

There is a 🚴🏼 revolution afoot 😎

Oh, the training ride. Well, I think I have this fuelling thing figured out for this 4 hour ride. Two hours before hitting the road I ate cereal with almond milk and a banana (305 calories). 30 minutes beforehand, another banana (90 calories). During the ride I had yet another banana (90 calories), a cliff bar (250 calories), a slice of cold pizza (~ 100 calories) and drank 25 oz of water with a scoop of Vega electrolyte hydrator (0 calories) mixed in. A total of ~ 835 calories. This is less than I would have expected. I expend ~ 300 / hour or  1,200 calories. Perhaps I’m expending more like 210 calories / hour and need to work harder 😎 But I certainly finished strong, racing up a 3 km climb to complete the ride.

The pizza was leftover from dinner the night before  😏

I think I’m ready.

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