iPhriday – at the aquarium …

I spent yesterday afternoon at the aquarium and, in particular, was captivated with the jellyfish.

These photographs were taken with my iPhone 5C, and have not been edited in any way. I’m joining Lisa from GrayDaysAndCoffee to share smartphone photos each Friday. Please join us and share your favourite photographs.

8 thoughts on “iPhriday – at the aquarium …

  1. Your blue, eerie photo of the jellyfish is so very similar to one I took in Berlin’s aquarium last year. It was my screensaver on my iPhone for a long time. Jellyfish are such delicate, beautiful creatures but you said it well: they belong in a tank, out of reach! 😉

    • Great minds do think alike 😀 I have it as the screensaver on my laptop as well. I hadn’t been to the local aquarium for a decade or more and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I learned a lot and was mesmerized with the symphony of colours.

      • 😀 Great minds eh!
        I think we often forget to visit those places nearby because “they’re nearby” but I’m glad you enjoyed the aquarium. I have always loved zoos, aquariums and anything involving animals.

      • Yes! Great minds.

        You are right about “nearby” places. There are several “nearby” places I have ignored in recent years. The Art Gallery. The Anthropology Museum. And, the Vancouver Symphony. All nearby that I have not visited for years. In the coming months, I plan to re-aquaint myself with these places that were once an integral part of my life.

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