iPhriday – Looking for a new rug

One of the things I like about the iPhone camera is that I always have it on me. No matter where I might be or doing, I always have a camera ready. Even when shopping. I’m in the market for a new rug for my den. So, when I’m out looking, I take pictures of rugs I think I like and, when I get home, project them on the large screen TV to evaluate how them might fit in the room.

These photographs were taken with my iPhone 5C, and have not been edited in any way. I’m joining Lisa from GrayDaysAndCoffee to share smartphone photos each Friday. Please join us and share your favourite photographs.

6 thoughts on “iPhriday – Looking for a new rug

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      • Me guardé esta tarde la direccion para echarle un vistazo trqenuilamante y en ello estoy. Ya me he suscrito a la página es lo mas!! ufff cuantos sitios donde ir!! Gracias por descubrirmelo

  2. I use mine for all kinds of stuff such as website addresses on printed material, serial numbers etc. etc. as well as the biking pics. I’ve got an old 3GS so it’s hardly worth anything, great for messing about with, though the quality is not so good as modern ones, but for blog use OK with a bit of editing.

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