iPhriday – wood shavings

My bike shop is being shared with a wood worker. It’s time to build a new bike workshop.

These photographs were taken with my iPhone 5C, and have not been edited in any way. I’m joining Lisa from GrayDaysAndCoffee to share smartphone photos each Friday. Please join us and share your favourite photographs.

8 thoughts on “iPhriday – wood shavings

  1. love love these pics. My dad is a woodworker by trade, and I grew up with the wonderful smell of freshly planed/sawed wood in his shop and even on his clothes.

    • So was my Dad. I was raised with a hammer and saw in hand. The woodworker is my son. Several years ago I gave him a smoothing plane for Xmas and he has the bug. The shavings are from a woodworking bench he is making. He has also refurbished my Dad’s Jack plane and uses it most days. So you see, these shavings mean a lot to me. As Elissaveta suggested, I need to find a use for them.

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