ice lingers …


Ice lingers on the streets.

After an unusually warm month, we have been hit with a cold blast, turning the streets at higher elevations into sheets of ice.

I was back on the spinning bike today. I didn’t want to risk a slippery fall. Forty-five minutes at a high cadence (100-125 rpm) in relatively low gears averaging 185 watts. It was supposed to be a recovery ride but I felt like working on speed.

I really need to get more disciplined. During the winter months I need a plan – heavy weights 3 times a week, 5 rides a week (1 long ride, 1 recovery, and 3 intermediate). I need to think about this.

Warmer weather is forecast later in the week. The cold has interrupted my outdoor cycling plan.

5 thoughts on “ice lingers …

  1. I just returned to Alberta from Vancouver yesterday. I was there for almost 2 wks. We did manage ride at least 70% of the days…some were short rides. Between downtown and Olympic Village or longer, to Kitsalano neighbourhood to our favourite patisserie (Thomas Haas). Longest ride was along the waterfront beach up to UBC from downtown, Granville Market and back down through onto 8th Off-Broadway Rd. towards home downtown.

    I can’t complain …it was lovely. Calgary has -14 degree C tonight and will get colder.

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