icy, slick roads …


Icy, slick roads kept me in the gym today.

I might just as well get used to it. Cold, dry weather is forecast for the next week. I don’t mind the rain. And, I don’t mind the cold. But ice is difficult to navigate on 2 wheels, particularly at high speed. I either install studded tires, ride a 3-wheeler, or hit the spinning bike.

Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to admit I actually like training on a spinning bike. It is an efficient way to train. In 45-60 minutes I can get a good workout and never have to worry about the weather, traffic, flats, or other mechanical problems. I can vary the workouts – intervals, climbs, sprints, and form – and there is no wear and tear on my road bikes.

I was pleased to e-meet Mary Beth Knight this week. She is a fitness trainer who has produced a series of YouTube videos outlining spinning techniques, strengthening exercises, and stretches for the road cyclist. When she said “never do anything on a spinning bike that you wouldn’t do on the road”, she won me over.

This time of year, the weather man is my friend. If snow and ice is forecast, I train inside. If rain is forecast, Thatch gets a turn completing laps around Stanley Park, and running errands. And, if sun is forecast, the road bikes take a turn. If it is really dry, Lou and I take a spin but most of the mileage is saved for Chas this time of year.

Today was a leg strengthening day – one-legged spinning, simulated climbs, leg press, lunges, and hamstring curls followed by 15 minutes of stretching. For 60 minutes, I progressively increased the loads and lowered the repetitions with finishing sets close to my maximum gears and weights.

I’ll be sore tomorrow. A recovery ride is in order. Sun is in the forecast with a high of 4 degrees Celsius.

Hmmm ….. 🙂

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