no ride day …


This is not cycling weather. Dense fog and black ice make roads treacherous. Instead, I walked to the club for a steam, shower, and shave.

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. They’re whimsical and contrived. I have goals but don’t wait until January 1 to make them happen.

So, I don’t make resolutions. But sometimes, just sometimes, they are made for me.

This Christmas my son gave me a Gift Certificate for the 2016 Whistler Gran Fondo, a 122 km race boasting an elevation gain of 1,700 meters. So, on Saturday, September 10, 2016 you will find me, along with 7,000 other enthusiasts, on the picturesque Sea-to-Sky highway, climbing north to Whistler on 2 wheels.

I have cycled this distance many times. And, I do a lot of climbing. But this ride is different. Very different. It starts at sea level winding its way on a roller coaster like road to Squamish for 80 km, and then climbs steadily for the next 40 km finishing at the Whistler ski resort. I always wanted to complete this Gran Fondo but could never justify the registration fee. In fact, the ride is even on my Cycling Bucket List. I guess my son wants to make certain it happens.

So, my New Year’s resolution is to complete the ride and, at the same time, not embarrass myself doing it. I know I can finish but I want to do it in a reasonable time, a time to be established at a later date. My son races the course and, for the past several years, has finished with the leaders. I certainly can’t match his time but I don’t want him waiting for hours to see me finish.

I will have to train differently than in the past. I need a better power-to-weight ratio. You know what that means. Weights. More hill climbing. And, less food. I won’t discuss the plan now but, in the coming months, I’ll outline how I’m training differently and, the progress I make.

Have you made a New Year’s cycling resolution?


17 thoughts on “no ride day …

  1. Ooo, that’s exciting. I bet the scenery is beautiful on that ride.

    I’m not sure what my New Year’s resolution is. Not to get hit by a bus while cycling? To be as eccentric as possible?

    • It is a difficult but beautiful ride. One lane is closed for vehicles all the way up so the cyclists do not have to worry about traffic, only themselves.

      I already think of you as being eccentric. I like that and look forward to your 2016 posts 🙂

  2. I’m not a resolution maker either–goals are always in motion. Having said that, it’s exciting when a resolution chooses me. 🙂 Congrats on the challenge–I’m looking forward to reading about your process!

    • I like that – “goals are always in motion”. I try to be open to new opportunities. I have already started a new training routine and diet but don’t want to bore you (and others) with simply a training journal.

  3. I don’t make resolutions either..but as with life in general we need goals to aim for.
    That ride of 5600ft (in English money) accent is a lot of climbing in my book.
    The longest climbs I do nowadays after 2 hip replacements in 18 months,are pretty short at around 2-3 miles,but I’m slowly rebuilding my fitness,and my goal is to ride the Manchester- Blackpool (63mls) in July.
    After record rainfall and flooding here in the UK were hoping 2016 brings some respite,but the forecast isn’t good.
    10 years ago I did this in 3hrs on an MTB with slick tyres.
    After a 5yr lay off ,I’ll do well to see 3.5 hrs this time..knowing my own limitations is hard to take,but I’m just glad to be back on the bike,and it’s no good looking at past glories.
    Good luck with the training regime.😊

    • That was kind of my resolution last year. I have a lot of fun with my iPhone camera and seemed to take several photographs every ride. I’m looking forward to your winter bike adventures this year 🙂

  4. no cycling resolutions. We resolved to buy our college girl a bike for her birthday, though. 🙂 I hope you K some A in September! Did you take that photo? It’s amazing.

    • Your daughter is a lucky girl. That’s when cycling began for me. Oh to be college age again 🙂

      Yes, I took the photo with my iPhone on the way to the club for a workout. I have several that I’m saving up for my iPhriday contribution 🙂

      • seriously…that’s a GREAT shot. Yes, the bike is hidden behind a pile of patio cushions in the garage. Her birthday is the 21st. She’s moving off campus next year and wants to bike when it’s nice.

      • I’m pleased you like it. You may see more on Friday.

        Good for your daughter. I have a 24 year old daughter that has just started working while completing graduate school. She “borrows” my car to commute. I don’t mind. It gets me out on my bikes more.

  5. Good luck on the training! My first fondo this year will be an 87 miler with almost 6000′ of climbing. it will be the most climbing I have done in a single ride… I kinda wish it was a full century!

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