The last ride …

During the holidays, I prepared Chas for winter riding with a new set of 28 mm tires (and rim tape) installed on an older pair of Shimano training wheels, a new Ultegra chain, and an 11-28 cassette. I don’t like to use my better wheel sets in the winter months unless the roads are dry. Now Chas is ready – clip on fenders for the rain, a new drive train, and wider profile tires on an old set of wheels.

I like this setup for the winter. Although the wider tires are a little heavier, they provide additional grip in the wetter conditions, and have more cushioning making the longer rides more comfortable and enjoyable. The bike is still fast and besides, the extra weight develops power and stamina for the warmer, summer months ahead.

Yesterday, the last day of 2015, was cold but clear. I layered up and headed to Stanley Park with Chas to complete a few laps. Finally, after several mishaps, I have figured out how to ride in the cold – a helmet cover to block the wind, an ear band, a wind/rain jacket to block the wind and, when necessary, the rain, light coloured sun glasses to deflect the wind, a couple of light wool layers, wind pants, rainproof winter cycling gloves, light wool socks, and neoprene booties. Despite the cold, I’m toasty at 30 kph, even in the rain.

Chas and I have a lot of cycling planned over the winter months as we prepare for the Pacific Populaire, a 100 km ride at the start of April. I do this ride every year as a way to keep me on the bike over the cold and wet winter months.

Being this is New Years Day, Happy New Years to all of you (once again). Thank you for all of your support and encouragement this past year, and I look forward to sharing many more cycling experiences with you in 2016.

Happy pedalling and may the winds be to your back, the sun in your face, and the climbs exhilarating 🙂

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