Happy New Year !!!

Before looking forward, I wanted to look back and reflect. I thought I would celebrate the New Year by sharing several photos from 2015 that inspired me in some way. All but a few were taken while out on one of the bikes.

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year !!!

    • Thank you. I did have fun with my iPhone camera this past year. I am looking forward to 2016. While you search for a new job, I am retiring, making room for you to blossom. All the best, and I look forward to your posts this new year.

      • I’m retired now. I may do some consulting but, for the most part, I’m retired. I haven’t planned a lot. More of the same. I have been semi-retired for a couple of years. I have purposely cut back my hours to see what I might do. I have cycled more, spent more time at the cottage, and travelled a little. I plan to spend a month in Arizona this Feb/March (with my bike of course), visit the cottage for 2-3 months this summer, work on my Cycling Bucket List, and I have several building projects in mind around the house – a new bike workshop, a paved-stone walkway, and a kitchen renovation.

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