iPhriday – cold, sunny rides



We have had several sunny, cold days this week – snow on the local mountains and, at times, black ice at sea level. I have enjoyed my rides more than usual for this time of year.

These photographs were taken with my iPhone 5C while cycling by the water, and have not been edited in any way.

I’m joining Lisa from GrayDaysAndCoffee to share smartphone photos each Friday. Please join us each Friday and share your favourite iPhone photographs.

7 thoughts on “iPhriday – cold, sunny rides

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    • It is. And, it continues to grow on you. I’m from Toronto, and had an opportunity to head up a computer design project in Vancouver – a 2 year project. That was 30 years ago. If you like the ocean, mountains, and fresh air, it’s a wonderful place to settle and raise kids. But, and it’s a bit but for you, it’s on a fault line. We have experienced several large earthquakes offshore, west of Vancouver Island, but one day Vancouver may be hit.

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