Sharing the road …


Again, the weatherman forecast rain and high winds. Instead, I basked in the sun with no wind. Go figure.

Lou and I did laps on the Stanly Park road. This is one of my favourite workouts. It has everything. Flats. Rollers. A 2 km climb, followed by a 3 km, fast descent. During the summer months, there is a lot of tourist traffic. This time of year, particularly weekdays, I almost have the road to myself.

Except today.

Lou: “Boy that was fun.”

Today I shared the road with 6 colourful Lamborghinis and a black Bentley. They were a little faster, and a lot noisier but I didn’t mind. They had to stop before slowly rolling over speed bumps, so I got a good look.

I never figured it out. I could have asked. I suspect they were part of a wedding party. Then again, mid-afternoon on a Friday is an unusual time for a wedding. And, no one was dressed up.

I should have stopped.

Lou: “We were having too much fun.”



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