He’s unpredictable …


I dressed for rain, and look what happened. Sun. Blue skies. And, no wind. Rain and blustery winds were forecast when I headed out the door this morning. Had I known, one of the road bikes would have gotten a turn.

Lou: “That would have been nice. I’ve been hanging here next to the furnace for a month. And by the way, you need to replace the furnace fan. The noise is driving me crazy.”

Apparently, we are between systems. Another low pressure system, and rain, is headed this way tomorrow. This sunny break was unexpected. It seems forecasting the weather in these parts is as unpredictable as what Donald Trump might say next.

Trump’s hate-mongering is relentless, and his thinking suspect. Build a wall to keep Mexican’s out, because they cause crime in the US. No Muslims either, because they are terrorists. Everyone needs a gun so the mass murders can be quickly stopped in their tracts. And, shutting down the internet to prevent radicalization.

What will he conjure up next?

He has turned the Presidential election into a circus. The Republicans are stuck between that proverbial rock and a hard spot. They can’t win with him, and they can’t win with him running as an independent.

Hilary Clinton must be gloating.

Condemnation has been swift, and surgical.

Tom Mulcair, leader of the NDP in Canada got it right when he said today, “I say we … should make sure Donald Trump stays out of Canada”. And, there are calls for the Trump Towers in Vancouver and Toronto to be renamed.

A former prominent planner for the city of Vancouver, Brent Toderian, suggested on Twitter that Vancouver residents call on the owners of the Trump Vancouver building to remove the aspiring politician’s name.

He tweeted, “As #Trump calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., I seriously suggest that Vancouverites call on @TrumpVancouver to remove his name,”.

Hear! Hear!

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