Sometimes I just need to put my feet up …


I’m on a mission to finish this year strong. Despite the cold, wet, and windy weather I’m determined to continue cycling 50 km most days of the week. I dawn my wet weather gear – waterproof helmet cover, jacket, gloves, pants, booties, and Thatch – and head out into the elements. It’s certainly not like summer cycling but it builds mental strength. Stamina. I may not travel as quickly, but I enjoy the ride in different ways, and it certainly beats the spinning bike.

Some people think I’m crazy. A nut case. “Why would you want to cycle in this weather?”, they ask. I usually don’t say much. What’s the point? They either get it, or not.

There are benefits to winter cycling –

  1. The cycle paths are quieter. I enjoy racing around the seawall. This time of year, I’m there by myself most of the time. It’s like doing a 10 km TT on a closed road.
  2. It beats the gym, or turbo trainer. I get out in the fresh air, see some wildlife, and feel refreshed by the time I get home.
  3. It strengthens my resolve to cycle more. If I can enjoy cycling in the cold, wet, windy weather then there is no excuse for not cycling more. Each day I see first hand the inefficiencies of travelling by automobile. Carbon emissions are one thing, but the thought of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for hours on end has no appeal whatsoever.

Winter cycling is hard work. Battling the elements layered up in cold and wet weather clothing is exhausting.

Sometimes, I just need to put my feet up …


… and relax. This time of year, most evenings you will find me with my feet up enjoying a movie, and reflecting on the news of the day.

Donald Trump. Mass shootings. ISIS. Climate warming. Syrian refugee camps. Not much makes sense.

Did you know that Donald Trump thinks he can call up Bill Gates and have him “close the Internet“?

Sometimes, the day is better without the News.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes I just need to put my feet up …

  1. It makes sense Gary. It all makes exceptionally simple sense. All one need is to accept that the narrative is upside-down to begin with, then it all falls into place and makes sense. Unfortunately, for those who believe in the narrative, well, reality often gets a bit bumpy.

    For instance, ISIS… We should do less harm, show the terrorists we care. We’ll end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, mea culpa, mea culpa, and all will be well. Bam. ISIS. Our President won the Nobel Peace Prize just for his soaring rhetoric to that end, for God’s sake. We projected weakness though, and this is what we get. Being from Canada, the perspective may be different, a little bit, but it’s there if you look with an open mind.

    In the end, brother, sometimes it’s best to let the whirling dervishes whirl.

  2. I like not having TV at all. Ours is nothing more than a monitor to use for netflix, hulu etc. I don’t believe most of what I read in the news. Neither “side” is really credible, even though I tend to side with one more than the other. Bicycling is such a stress reliever. Enjoy the fact right now that you can ride at all! So jealous.

      • With my current situation, I’m getting sick of it! I’ve watch more “TV” in the last month than I have the last 2 years combined.

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