How I blog …

I just came across this SlideShare presentation that I posted 3 years ago. It was prepared tongue-in-cheek of course but, in many ways, is true. I agonize over finding the right words, still cycle for inspiration, and, re-write (and polish) until I need a haircut and shave 🙂

Do you relate?


5 thoughts on “How I blog …

  1. The steps you go through blogging are just as valid as they were 3 years ago. I might add the following advice. Before you press the publish button, let your post sit for at least 24 hours. Then reread the entire post as if you are a critical reader out there in cyberspace. I cannot tell how often I have made last minute changes and corrections.

    • I do that as well Peter. I usually draft one day, and post the next after a final re-read. Sometimes the posts don’t make the grade. I have 15 drafts waiting tp her polished, re-written, or trashed.

  2. Plus after publishing reread yet again. I usually start spinning an idea round my brain for a while, often while on the bike, photos often come last, though I have a mental image of what I’ll need.

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