Chas gets a turn …


Chas and I went for a ride today. This is the last day of clear, but cold, weather. Rain and warmer temperatures are forecast beginning tomorrow.

It’s really not bad cycling in the cold provided you have the proper clothing. For me, that means a helmet cover to dissipate the wind, a balaclava, yellow tinted sun glasses to block the wind (and cold), a cycling specific wind/rain jacket over at least 2 layers, full-finger winter gloves, lined cycling wind tights, cold-weather booties, and heavy wool socks.

Last week I purchased a new pair of lined cycling tights – MEC Flyer Tights – that I can’t say enough about. The front panels block the wind, and repel light rain. The knees are articulated providing a full range of motion when pedalling. And, inside they are warm and cozy, perfect for winter cycling.

It was 2 degrees Celsius when Chas and I headed out. We don’t cycle as fast, or as far in this weather. I concentrate on maintaining a consistent cadence, and an efficient pedalling stroke. And, the scenery. It was beautiful by the water.

Tomorrow it will be much warmer. And wet. Thatch will get a turn tomorrow, and the rest of the week. And, I won’t be stopping to take many pictures.


7 thoughts on “Chas gets a turn …

  1. Chas looks excited to be out in the sunshine. So many geese! Around here we call them Canadian geese but I have heard that their proper name is Canada geese…what term do you use?

  2. Great post! The picture at the bottom makes me wonder about the white stuff in the background. Is that snow? Nothing special here in the Interior of BC, but unusual for Vancouver.

    • Hi Peter. Yes, that is snow atop Little Mountain. Imagine that. Snow in Vancouver in November. The local ski hills are not even open and they already have more snow than last season. Rain and warmer weather is forecast for today however.

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