iPhriday – what’s next


My son’s partner had her convocation yesterday. That’s her on stage in the middle row wearing a red gown and the quintessential PhD hat. That’s right. I can call her Doctor now.

This is an iPhone shot. I’m joining Lisa from GrayDaysAndCoffee to share a smartphone photo each Friday.

Here’s another iPhone shot just in case you had forgotten I cycle.


8 thoughts on “iPhriday – what’s next

    • Thanks Rachel. It was a cold but beautiful ride 🙂

      We are terribly proud of her. It is a remarkable milestone, as I am certain you know full well. She is smart, humble, and an accomplished road cyclist as well.

  1. Wow. Two very beautiful pictures, in two very different ways. I can hear the applause in the first one and feel the frost in the second one. Decidedly, iPhones have gotten pretty close to digital cameras…

    • Thanks Ellie.

      In recent years, I have become intrigued with iPhoneography. These small cameras have more capability than I first realized. But a good photograph is more about composition, lighting, and texture. Not technology. What makes the iPhone so powerful though is that it is with us all of the time. I make a point of taking pictures every day. Some I like. Many I don’t. But I’m beginning to see the world differently.

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