New fenders …

It’s that time of year again. The rainy season. It is clear and cold right now, but that won’t last for long.

My commuter has a set of full length fenders, and I don’t mind riding her (Thatch) in the rain. As I have said many times, I enjoy it and view it as more of an adventure than anything else. The key is to stay dry and warm. Once I figured that out, my life changed. I generally don’t ride the road bikes, particularly the Garneau (Lou), in the rain. But I do go out when the roads are still wet after a rainfall, usually taking the Roberts (Chas). When the roads are dry, all of the bikes get a turn, but I digress.

I need fenders for the weekend club rides. When you are tight on someones’ wheel, you don’t want to wear wheel splatter on your face. And, you don’t want the dirt and wet to spray up your back. Do you?

I wanted a pair of fenders that were easy to install without bolts and wrenches that I could, when necessary, quickly switch between the Roberts and the Garneau, between Chas and Lou. I came across the SpeedEZ Road fenders from Planet Bike in my local bike shop. They mount on any bike with 700C tires up to 25 mm in just minutes. No bolts. No wrenches. Just a little patience. More than I had initially 🙂

I have them on the Roberts right now. It took a ride or two to get them properly centred over the tires without rubbing. There is a trick. There always is a trick. But once I understood symmetry, and put my glasses on, it was easy 🙂

6 thoughts on “New fenders …

  1. Nice. They look like slightly better quality RaceBlades. I’d prefer a little longer on the rear fender but for clip on guards they will do the job very well. I do find that clip on guards (I have the RaceBlades) throw a lot of road crud straight into your rear brake, almost sandblasting it.

    • I used the RaceBlades last season. The rear guard broke. I found them a little flimsy. These Planet Bike ones are sturdier and I like the way they fasten to the forks and stays. We’ll see how they stand up. I am concerned about the shorter length of the rear guard.

  2. I’ve used Crud roadracers for a few seasons now, a bit flimsy so you have to take care, but good coverage. Agree about crud being thrown at you by fellow riders, motivates me to stay at the front sometimes!

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