Cold but clear …


A strong, arctic, high pressure system is hovering over the south coast, and is expected to last for another week. It’s cold. And clear. Highs of no more than 7C during the day. And below freezing overnight. When I awake there is frost on the roofs, and some of the roads.

Some of you will say, “So what”. You are used to the cold and snow but you have to understand it is unusual for these parts. There is actually more snow on the slopes of the local mountains than last year, and the ski facilities haven’t even opened for the season.

The cold hasn’t stopped me from cycling. In fact, I enjoy it.

Did you hear that Bri?

I find if I layer up, wear neoprene booties, a toque, and a helmet cover, I put in the same mileage. I may go a little slower – the faster I go the colder it gets – but it’s actually enjoyable. It sure beats the spinning bike!

This weather won’t last, I’m sure. The warmer, wetter weather is certain to return. In the meantime, I’m going to get out on the bikes as often as possible.

Chas: “I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been hanging, staring at this wall for a week now.”

I may even take Lou out for some repeat hill climbs tomorrow.

Lou: “Yikes. I’ll need a coat. Layers like you. Right?”


14 thoughts on “Cold but clear …

  1. Similar weather conditions to here in the north of the UK right now.
    On the topic of layering clothing for the cold have any of you tried the Buffalo range of jackets designed to be worn directly next to the skin..they has a pertex outer which is claimed wind proof up to 50mph,combined with an ‘AquaTherm’ pile inner lining..Even when wet it somehow still keeps you warm and toasty..I’ve worn mine for getting on 20 winters now so it’s getting a bit thread bear these days,so I’ve just ordered a brand new’s only down side is it can get too hot on very long climbs,but the ventilation zips are pretty good and work well.
    For anyone who hasn’t tried one give it a go.
    Google ‘Buffalo jackets’ and see what you guys think

    • I have never heard of the Buffalo jackets. I just looked them up. Are you referring to the Cycle Shirt? It looks interesting – dry and warm. You are fortunate to get 20 years out of a jacket. I wear a lot of Arc’teryx clothing. They are a local Vancouver outdoor clothing company. They don’t have a cycling-specific line but their garments are great in the wind and rain. I’d like to try the Buffalo gear and will have a closer look.

      Thank for this.

      • Yes they do make cycling specific jackets,which have the lighter ‘4’ grade inner pile lining..I bought the Buffalo special ‘6’shirt which will also serve me for winter hill walking in our UK Lake District,which some of you may have heard of.
        Most unusually these days these coats are actually made in Sheffield,here in the UK.
        Mine arrived today and I’m very pleased with it,it’s amazingly warm..the RRP is £144 but I managed to get one on line for £114, a great saving IMO.
        According to Buffalo they have a 10yr warranty,but what that actually covers I don’t know😉
        I would definately recommend them for anything below 5c. windchill often brings that down to sub zero.

  2. My experience of winter cycling is coming back weighing several pounds more than I did when I left thanks to the absorbent qualities of my ‘waterproof’ clothing and winter boots

    • That’s true. I have 2 “waterproof” jackets. One stops everything but doesn’t breath. By the time I return after a few hours in that jacket, everything underneath is soaked. I also have a Gore-Tex jacket that breaths. It’s better but I still perspire a lot more than when cycling in the summer months.

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