For men only …


Have you ever had a suit tailor-made? Or, a pair of pants?

Then you know there is additional material at the top of the left leg. You see, this extra room allows mens’ parts to hang freely without restriction. This is referred to as being “dressed left’. Apparently, some men are “dressed right” but this is unusual for reasons I don’t need to get into here.

Several weeks ago, I noticed unusual wear on the left side of my selle italia saddle. I have had this saddle for several years. It is the most comfortable saddle I own. My other saddles do not show any wear like this but are made of a different, heavier leather.

What caused this wear, do you think? 🙂

I have since learned there is an additional saddle adjustment in addition to height, angle, and front-back positioning. Normally, saddles are aligned with the top tube, but some more discerning bike fitters recommend angling the nose of the saddle slightly to the right (if you are dressed left) to allow extra room extra room on the left of the saddle.

It seems we need to dress our saddles much the same way as our trousers.


8 thoughts on “For men only …

  1. Dammit! My Venge doesn’t allow for left or right… it’s just straight.

    The answer, for me at least is to pull everything up and snug the shorts so everything stays where it should. I never have any issues. 😉

    • I’ve always cycled with my saddles straight and can’t say I ever felt discomfort. No other saddle has shown wear like this. It just goes to show even when wearing tight bibs more room is needed on the left.

  2. Ok, after 23 consecutive years of cycling with my dearie, I’ll ask him. Never knew. I wonder if he’ll think I’m crazy.

    By the way, he has saddles like yours. Pretty penny. I tell him it looks sexy…’cause it does.

    He LOVES the saddle…same one for his Surly touring bike, folding bike.

    • I didn’t either until I did some research. I would have never questioned it if it weren’t for this unusual saddle wear. I can’t say I ever felt any discomfort but it does make sense.

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