18 thoughts on “Ouch …

    • It was a lovely day – 8 Celcius, sunny, and very windy. It was supposed to be an easy 80 km ride on the delta flats. It turned out to be very hard (I had a hurting wind 50% of the time), and a flat to top it off. I have never seen a screw embedded in a tire like this before. Thank goodness I was prepared. I was a long way from home.

    • I meant “ouch”. Typing on my phone in the cold has its own set of challenges. I was lucky. I was 40 km from home in a remote rural area where there is very little traffic. Fortunately, I had a spare tube, tire irons and a CO2 cartridge. I was worried about having another flat the rest of the ride. I think I’m going to carry two CO2 cartridges, a spare tube, AND a patch kit from here on in 🙂

      • “Ooch” still worked 🙂
        Good idea about carrying two sets. I once had two punctures during a single ride (not on my current bike but on a commuter road bike). Fortunately, I was riding with a group and we had plenty of spare kit amongst us. Otherwise, it would’ve been time to ‘phone a friend’!

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