10 Worst Cycling Tips

Came across this and just broke up laughing …

How many times have you been guilty of at least one of these tips?


8 thoughts on “10 Worst Cycling Tips

  1. I do the sprint climbing, that absolutely works, though we don’t really have any decent hills where I live either, so it ends up being a bit of interval training.

    And I absolutely swear by sweating out a cold, been doing that for better than a decade. Timing is the trick there. If I go out on that first or second day, depending on severity, I’ll get sicker. If I go out on the second or third day, I will feel better much faster. No doubt about it.

  2. Climbs aren’t steep enough where I live either so try to go hard up the slopes so there’s nothing left to back pedal the descent-for me downhills are for resting. Grass to mend punctures…REALLY?!!

    • I know. I have heard of using grass before but can’t imagine trying it. I suppose if I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with no other solution, I may try it.

      I live in a hilly, mountains region. They are a blessing in a way. If I want to cycle, and I do, I have no choice but to climb. I live atop a “little mountain” and have a 3 km climb home every day. It has done wonders to my fitness and technique.

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