6 thoughts on “10 Tips for Winter Riding

    • He’s funny 🙂 But right. There is nothing worse than cold hands, feet and head. I’ve found if I keep them dry and warm I enjoy the ride much more. But I don’t have to tell you these things. You have it all figured out 🙂

      • I don’t have it all figured out quite yet! But I am getting there, I am excited to see what new things I learn over this winter 🙂

      • You are right. There is always something to learn. Even after years of wet weather cycling, I’m still finding better ways to keep warm and dry. And, the apparel and equipment keeps getting better. Have fun this winter (as I know you will) and be safe out there.

    • You don’t strike me as a woman short on nerve.

      I’m not certain what type of cyclist you are but the key is to keep you head, hands and feet warm and dry. Once I made the investment in waterproof clothing, cycling in the rain became more of an adventure than anything else. If memory serves me, you are in Montreal. Cycling in the snow is a different challenge. I lived (and cycled) in Toronto for years, and never had the right kit.

      I’d be glad to share my experience and suggestions if you are interested.

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