Not like this …


I was out for a walk this morning, and look what I discovered on the way back. A lonely bike wheel locked to a bike stand.

This is not the way to lock your bike, particularly if you have a quick release on the front wheel.

I can only assume, this was a nice bike. At least the front wheel looks expensive. Why would anyone only lock the front wheel without also threading the lock through the frame as well. If you are guilty of this, take note. The way this bike was locked made easy pickings for the bike thief.


18 thoughts on “Not like this …

  1. What a sad picture 😦
    I locked up my bike on a trip to the “big city” today and when I was rounding the last corner to get back to her, my heart sped up a bit…what if someone had figured a way to steal her…what if she was gone? But there she was, waiting for me, whew!

    • This is a tough lesson. Now I’m curious. Who was this cyclist. A newbie? Someone that knows better but in a hurry? The interesting thing is that the bike was locked on a main street with a lot of traffic, both vehicles and pedestrians. Even at night the street is busy. This thief had some nerve.

      • I lost my old bike in a similar fashion being somebody who knew better, was in a hurry, and it was dark when I locked my bike up so I just slammed the lock on without really looking or thinking. Main Street, brightly lit, right outside the entrance to the gym where people were constantly coming and going. The bus journey home in my cleats and holding my bike helmet was very very very sad! (But then it did provide an excuse to upgrade to a shiny new carbon bike so ultimately it wasn’t the worst thing)!

    • Mark, that’s a great post. I have never tired this lock up method, at least not on the street. I do something similar at night when the bikes are inside. This may be over kill but figure you can’t be too careful.

  2. I feel very fortunate because there have been times when I’ve locked my bike up and when I’ve returned found something very surprising… I’d left the keys in the lock! OH noooo….
    But then… maybe guardian angels for bicycles DO exist… 🙂

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