9 thoughts on “No words today

    • You have a good memory, and were paying attention 🙂

      I’m sorting through 100s of pictures from the summer. I have printed several and have them hanging in my den. Now I want to make a 2016 photo calendar for my son but am having a very difficult time narrowing them down to 15-20 pictures.

      • That is such a lovely idea!!! You’ve inspired me to do the same… My sentimental mum will love it. 😊
        Maybe try to look for some kind of a seasonal theme? It might help you get rid of a few? Or just stop overthinking it! 😀

      • I have several themes in mind. The one gaining traction at the moment is pictures taken from the “window cam”. I have 100s from sun up to sun down in all weather conditions. It is interesting to watch the transformation, and see what lighting does to a scene.

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