How do you rest your bike?


Chas – rear tire leaning against picnic bench

How to you rest your bike?

Do you lean it against anything that is convenient, allowing any part to touch? Or, do you carefully lean the rear tire against a solid object so that no part of the bike can get scratched.

Someone moved my bike in the yard this afternoon, leaning the top tube against a metal bench. Ouch! Nothing irritates me more. Scratches happen. They are inevitable. But you can certainly minimize them.

I always lean the back tire against something solid – a picnic bench, lamp post, wall … with no other part of the bike touching. Yes, I have scratches on the bikes, particularly Thatch, but many fewer had I not been so careful over the years.


Lou – rear tire leaning against large rock

Chas: “I have scratches. I think of them a wrinkles. A weathered look. Evidence of a long life spent outdoors.”

Lou: “Not me! I’m young. No wrinkles here.”

Chas: “Yea, you’re still wet behind the ears. I even have a dent. A scar. Ouch! The result of a failed theft attempt.”

IMG_3726 Thatch – rack against the bench

Thatch is different. She has fenders. I can’t use her tires. Instead, I use her pannier rack. It is getting worn but it is anyway with the use of the bags.

Thatch: “I like that. The rack really isn’t part of me anyway.”

And if there is nothing to lean the bike against, carefully lie it down on the grass, drive train up. Always drive train up 🙂

Chas resting in the country.

Chas resting in the country.

10 thoughts on “How do you rest your bike?

  1. The saddle resting against a lamppost, the rest of the bike angled away so it’s not touching anything. Really annoys me when I visit the pub and my mate rests his bike up against mine!!

    • Nothing worse.

      The saddle works fine too in some cases. I take my roads bikes inside one of my favourite cafes and lean the saddle against a curve wall. The saddle fit perfectly into a hollowed out section.

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