A great ride made better …


This is not a very flattering photo.

It was taken unbeknownst to me while getting ready for an early morning ride with Lou. The jersey pockets were filled with cliff bars, phone and wallet. And my wind pants were pulled over the pockets. No matter. You get the idea.

It’s the first time I wore my new kit. I’ve never worn anything like it. It felt like I had nothing on. Unfortunately, you can’t see the matching bibs. They are hidden under the wind pants. Once I peeled away the wind jacket and pants, I got a lot of looks. Next time I’ll get a better picture and include Lou, or Chas.

Lou: “We looked like quite the team.”

No one on these roads had ever seen a kit like this before.

Chas: “It would go nicely with my green frame. When do I get a turn?”

This is the kind of kit you prefer to wear. If you have clean kits in the closet and this one is on the floor dirty from you last ride, you’ll wear it again. It’s that nice 🙂

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