A recovery ride …


The cruise ship season isn’t over yet. A floating hotel. I can’t imagine i would enjoy a vacation like this.

I need a rest.

I can’t remember the last time I had a rest day. The weather has been too nice. Perfect for cycling.

Chas: “Yesterday was too much for you, eh.”

Today was the first time a I felt like that in a long time. I still cycled 30 km but it was a recovery ride. No. It was a recreational ride. I stopped along the way to take pictures, eat lunch in the sun at Third Beach, go to the gym for a steam, and before heading home, stopping for a coffee at one of my favourite cafes.

Thatch: “That was fun for a change.”

Thatch and I took a leisurely ride home on the Seawall.


The wind was up, the tide out, the sky blue, and the sun warm.IMG_3731

This is the largest tide I have seen this year.


I counted 15 freighters today. For 20+ years I have stopped at Third Beach with a view of English Bay and count the ships. There never used to be more than 10. In recent years it has increased steadily. Is the port busier, or is there less capacity, particularly for the container vessels?


Boats. A lot of boats. This is a boaters paradise.


Yaletown stroll. The shores of False Creek used to be home to light industry. Now they are peppered with high rise apartments.


Steamed, shaved, and ready for a coffee. The club is on the route home. I often stop for a workout and a steam bath.


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