He finished!


Well, he finished. No mishaps. He even beat last year’s time. BUT. There is always a but. He was disappointed. Thinks he sould have placed higher. Perfectionists. They’re never satisfied.

He went out early with two “older guys”. For 100 km they took turns pulling every 30-60 seconds, maintaining a high pace, never allowing themselves time to rest and recover. At the 100 km mark, he was broken by the two “older guys”. “Older guys” are not supposed to break a young guy like him. He struggled alone for several km until joined by a larger but slower group. He finished with them but the 2 “older guys” weakened his legs, and broke his spirit.

“Older guys” aren’t supposed to do that. It was an important life lesson. They may have been older but more experienced. They had years of miles on their legs and knew exactly what they were doing. They knew the young legs would fade.

We spent the rest of the day talking about his race, different tactics he might have used, and plans for next year’s race. We talked about the benefits of racing with a team, a group that can support and challenge one another the entire race.

Lou: “Let’s do it next year. You can do it. I know you can. You’re an old guy.”

Chas: “You’re not doing it without me! I’m old too!”

Thatch: “Let’s pack the camping gear. We can make it into a 2 day adventure.”

Unexpectedly, we were joined by my other son, his partner, and my grandson. We all went to a local, glacier fed lake for a cold, very cold, swim. And, to relax in the sun for several hours before sharing a dinner, a few beers, and a spirited discussion.

It was a good day. A relaxing, family day. And, another day without a bike ride. That’s two days in a row.

I’m ready for a bike ride 🙂



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