I walk too …


I don’t want you to think that all I do is cycle. I can walk too. I may always be thinking about cycling but I’m not always on a bike.

My son is racing in the RBC Whistler GranFondo today. If you have never heard of this race, don’t worry. I’m going to tell you. Later. My son has been in this race for several years, and done reasonable well, for an amateur. You see, professional cyclists also compete. I usually drive to Whistler the day before so that I can watch him finish. Last year I was at the cottage and couldn’t. Minutes after he finished, I received at text from him with his time. Just his time. Not “Hello. How are you?”. Just his time – 3:42. That’s fast. Really fast. You see, he almost won the damn thing. This is a 122 km ride with 1,700 metres elevation gain. This is one tough ride, let alone race.

I didn’t want to miss the finish this year. I didn’t want him to finish without someone to cheer him on.

I booked a hotel room in Whistler and headed up with my daughter yesterday. They’re close. We both had the day off, and made a day of it. On the way up, we hiked to a glacier fed lake. You see, I can walk too. And last night, we celebrated her birthday. I had missed it this summer when I was at the cottage. I treated her to a 3 course dinner.


It’s 8:06 am. I’m lying in bed writing this. The race started at 7:00. He’s on his way. At about 10:30 am he expects to be rounding the last corner, preparing for the final sprint to the finish. We’ll be standing at the corner. Waiting. Watching. Worrying. Hoping. Hoping he didn’t “bonk”. He did the first year. Hoping he didn’t get a flat. He has in other races. Hoping he doesn’t go out too early. He did last year, and lost precious time.

I need a coffee 🙂

“Why aren’t you doing the ride?”, you ask.

That’s a good question. I’m certain I could finish. I wouldn’t contend. Not even in my age class. But I could finish. One day … Maybe next year. I have done half the ride to Squamish on both Thatch and Lou.

Lou: “Come on. We can do it.”

Chas: “Not without me, you aren’t”.

Thatch: “Why don’t we pack the camping gear, and make it a 2 day trip.”


5 thoughts on “I walk too …

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  2. Ha ha, your bikes sound eager for the race. Glad to see Thatch part of the picture now, too. So did your son do okay?
    By the way, beautiful pictures and what a blue sky. (You’ll excuse me, I’ve become a bit obsessed with blue skies given how rare they are in England)

    • He finished and with a good time. See this morning’s post.

      Glad you like the pictures. It is a beautiful place. You couldn’t take a bad one.

      Me too. I love blue skies, particularly with white, billowy clouds. You’re weather isn’t a lot different than here. We get a lot of grey and rain too.

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