Back to work …


Back to work. Back to commuting. Back to the gym.

This is the view from my office window. A container terminal. The local mountains. And, a busy sea port. It’s very different than the view from the cottage windows.

Gone are the daily, fast rides with Chas and Lou. Instead, I’m on my commuter cautiously navigating the city’s bikeways to and from the office with the usual lap (or two) in the park on the way home. I’m getting the miles in but they are not like the rides the boys and I  enjoyed all summer long. And, when it rains, and it has been raining a lot since I returned, I hit the gym and spinning bike. That’s different 🙂

Chas and Lou will get their turns but they will have to wait for the weekends. They aren’t used to that. I’ll ride them on the commute sometimes, particularly when I’m planning a workout on the way home.

There are hills here. A lot of hills. Some steep. Some long. They’re everywhere. The headwinds this summer have helped. The climbs are easier.


I realize I do not have a name for my commuter. Names came quickly, and naturally for both Chas and Lou. My commuter needs a name. After all, I’m on him as much, if not more than the other bikes. Maybe he’s not a he. Maybe he’s a she.

She has been with me a long time. Not as long a Chas but nearly. She has had several looks. At first, a mountain bike with large, lumpy tires. Now, a city bike with fenders, a pannier rack, and slick city tires. I don’t just commute with her. I train with her as well. In all types of weather. Weather Chas or Lou don’t like. And she carries heavy loads. She’s tough.

She’s an iron lady. That’s it. Thatch. I’m going to call her Thatch.


23 thoughts on “Back to work …

  1. Ha ha ha! Loved the wind down to Thatch. What an endearing name by comparison to the lovely lady who inspired it. 😀
    I did find interesting though, that you had no name for your commuter bike. Maybe the associated activity isn’t as thrilling as cruising in the countryside…
    Also, that view is a tad industrial but the bridge on the other hand looks incredible!!

    • I wondered why I had never named the commuter. I have had it a long time and really like it. You may be right. She has been used for work not pleasure so much although I love the rides we do in Stanley Park.

      I pass under that bridge every day on the way home. I hate cycling over it. There is a narrow shared walkway, and it is bumpy. But I do it ’cause there is a spectacular ride on the other side 🙂

  2. Thatch! *shudders* I’ll try to think of Ben Elton doing one of his anti-Thatch rants rather than the lady herself. Having grown up in the North of England under her rule, I have quite a visceral reaction to any mention of her.

  3. From a UK perspective it’s probably the most divisive name you could have chosen. My first political ‘action’ was chanting “Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher” in the school playground aged about 5 after Thatcher had cut the education budget and ended free school milk for kids aged 7 to 11. After that my opinion of her got worse and worse … and worse … as time passed by. Still, I guess any historical name would have some controversy attached to it, so stick with Thatch. Just don’t be surprised if she decides to privatise both your legs by selling them to two separate companies to increase competition in the pedal-pushing market.

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