A bicycle built for two billion …


His name is Jamie.

Jamie Bianchini.

Jaime travelled for 8 years to 81 different countries on a tandem bicycle keeping the rear seat open for anyone interested in hoping aboard. Many had never ridden a bicycle before. One stayed with him for an extended time, and in the end, married him. His is a trip of hope, perseverance, and adventure. Today, he is travelling the US with his young family promoting the book he subsequently wrote and published.

I met Jamie at a camp ground in Missoula, Montana. After setting up camp, I went for a walk to stretch my legs following a long day of driving. I stopped at a campsite peppered with bicycles. A tended, a road bike, mountain bikes, and children’s bikes. I was intrigued.


Jamie had a fire burning, roasting hot dogs over the open fire with his children and wife. We began talking about cycling, and after a few exchanges, he asked if I would like to join them for a drink and food. I stayed awhile, enthralled with this adventurous family.

I had never heard of Jamie Bianchini, his adventures, or his book. You would think I might have. I seem to be attracted to long distance cyclists that travel the world. Imagine my surprise when I inadvertently stumbled upon one in real life.

I was intrigued. Jamie was open, warm, and full of enthusiasm. I only wish I had an opportunity to attend one of his media presentations. That’s what he does now. Travel the US in a big RV, staying in campgrounds provided by his sponsors, and talking to other cyclists interested in his adventure. Not a bad gig if you can get it. He sees it as his last opportunity for a family adventure before his son begins school next year.

I wonder what is next for Jamie.

And, if you are interested in purchasing a copy of his book, look here.


7 thoughts on “A bicycle built for two billion …

    • I haven’t purchased a copy yet but intend to. I think it would be an interesting read. He is an interesting and engaging fellow. An entrepreneur at heart. I suspect he will be very successful at something 🙂

    • He carries them on the tandem. His son has his own place and the younger daughter either sits in a seat at the front or in a trailer at the back. It is remarkable to see them on the road.

    • It’s a remarkable story. She hopped onto his bike in South America (I think) for just a few km. They immediately hit it off. She ended up buying her own bike (she didn’t want to take over the back seat) and continued the adventure with him. She is Spanish. He is American. Language was an issue for them initially. They have 2 wonderful children. I am curious what they will do next.

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