A tribute to Chas …

I first built Chas over 30 years ago.

At the time, I took a series of B&W photographs featuring the Cinelli and Campagnolo parts that adorned the British racing green frame. I still have these photographs, and several are hanging on the walls at the cottage and my den at home.

Its time to pay tribute to Chas once again. He is more than a bicycle. He is an old friend. A training partner. A coach. And, in ways, a mentor. He has taught me more about cycling than I ever imagined possible. We grew together from tourist, commuter, and racer. And, together we travelled throughout parts of Canada, England and the US.

This summer I took Chas to the cottage, back to the roads where we first began cycling together. We have been a team for a long time, and we perform better today than we ever have. Faster. More confident. More reliable. And, we look better. Like an experienced team.

I took a lot of pictures of Chas during our rides on the roads we have enjoyed together for 3 decades. He has a new look. A new drive train. New brakes. New stem and bars. New seat post and saddle. Only his frame is original. He’s like new. Even better.

Here are several of my favourite images. I’m going to enlarge one and hang it on my wall.

What do you think?







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