Impressionist photography …

I’ve long been a fan of impressionist photography. Photographs that are more about feelings than reality. Jerry Uelsmann has been a mentor. He was the first to combine images in the darkroom. And Barbara Astman who’s collages combine photographs with other media. There are other techniques. In-camera, double exposures. Camera movement during the exposure. Long exposures.

How about rain on the windshield?

I ran into a lot of bad weather on the way home this year, and became intrigued with DashCam photographs taken in the rain. I’d like to print and mount one.

Do you have a favourite?






11 thoughts on “Impressionist photography …

  1. I haven’t taken any rain splashed photos yet. Usually I’m on the bike and really hesitate to take photos in pouring rain. really more the art that I do. Am finishing up a little painting, maybe for a niece who is getting married.

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