The last day on the road (for a while)


IMG_3538 P1080279

I have driven across this continent many times, both in Canada and the US. Each time, I am reminded of how fortunate I am. This a vast, diverse, and beautiful part of the world, rich with natural resources, and politically stable. When I see how big this place is, I question why we build 500 sf condos that sell for $500,000-$750,000. The cottage is the perfect scale – ~ 1,200 sf on a 1/3+ acre of land. Big enough so you have privacy if you want it, and yet small enough that there is community. Instead, we gravitate to a handful of very large, impersonal, urban centres “escaping” to the country on the weekends to “relax and unwind”. This doesn’t make sense.


I have been off the bikes for a week now after almost 60 days straight of cycling some of the most beautiful roads I know. That’s about the change. Chas, Lou, and I are ready to ride again.



7 thoughts on “The last day on the road (for a while)

  1. Well, we go where the work is, so that’s why we’re crowded into cities 🙂

    I’ve also crossed the continent multiple times (Canada and U.S.) and gone up and down the eastern and western seaboards. I love that we have so much geographical variation here in North America.

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