Thunderstorms …

Thunderstorms in these parts roll in and out quickly. This one lasted no more than 30 minutes. I missed the lightning but caught the rainbow that followed. They happen frequently this time of year and provide great entertainment.

P1070835 P1070837 P1070838 P1070839   P1070837   P1070835

12 thoughts on “Thunderstorms …

  1. Thunderstorms are brilliant things! Just to feel the power surging from the sky is thrilling to me. Not so thrilling to my dogs though, they cling to me like velcro during electrical storms. Silly babies.

    I was babysitting four young children during a thunderstorm last year. Their mom is scared of lightening and they have picked up on her fear so they became very nervous. But I made up a game where we called the lightening “Bob” and we tried to find “Bob” in the sky. They soon were searching the clouds looking for “Bob” and to this day when I babysit them and we hear thunder or see lightening they check out the windows for “Bob”. I guess that is what I should do with my dogs 🙂

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