The Gravel Truck Road


Look at that. Not a ripple on the water. No wind. Not even a breeze. This is the first no-wind day I can remember since arriving.

Lou and I went for a long, fast ride over to the big lake, and along the shoreline road. It was a smooth, fast ride. I was on the drops most of the time, tucked tight, maintaining a high cadence in a large gear. No wind. No hills. And, no traffic.

There’s nothing better 🙂

I rode “The Gravel Truck Road” to the lake. I call it “The Gravel Truck Road” because during the week, it is littered with large, fast moving gravel trucks hauling gravel to the urban centres. You see we also grow gravel in these parts. A lot of gravel. There are several quarries in the area.

“The Gravel Truck Road” is my favourite ride. It is 10 km long, straight, rolling, newly surfaced, and runs east-to-west. It’s fast. On the weekends, the gravel trucks rest. On the weekends, I ride “The Gravel Truck Road”. There is generally a headwind travelling west, and a helping tailwind on the way back. Today, there was no wind. Not a whisper.

Lou and I reach speeds of 40-45 kph on “The Gravel Truck Road” and maintain high speeds even when climbing the little hills. This is an exhilarating stretch of road. The kind of road cyclists dream about.

That was Sunday. Today is Monday. The gravel trucks are back in action. Chas and I will find a different route.

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